"This deodorant left me feeling moisturized and did a good job of keeping me fresh throughout the day."

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"I feel like I finally have a natural deodorant that works."


"Of course, the best part about Pampered Pits is that it actually works. But I also like the fact that it is natural, the scents are wonderful, but not overpowering and a little goes a long way. They even come unscented as well."

Laquita, CEO of Bobeam

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"Didn't know what to expect from this deodorant, however it has exceeded my biggest dreams for a Great Deodorant! Recommend to everyone!" 

-- Kim Roxie, Founder & CEO of LAMIK



"I always like to make sure [a product] lives up to what it says... I really, really love this. This deodorant is awesome; it actually does what it says it does!"


"Pampered Pits, organic, moisturizing deodorant keeps skin beautiful, healthy and smooth." 







" I love what [Sydelle] said in her HBW guest post about working HARDER for yourself than you did for your boss."