What's so special about natural deodorant?

If you've just started considering natural deodorant for the first time, know that you have already made a very smart choice.

You were designed to sweat. Sweating regulates the body's temperature and helps clean out nasty toxins that would otherwise be trapped in your body.

Many antiperspirants and deodorants include heavy metals, parabens, phtalates and other chemicals that are linked to catastrophic illnesses like cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Does that seem like a smart trade-off for a little freshness to you? NO, especially when there are options that are just as effective without these harsh chemicals.


How do I apply it?

Our natural deodorants are easy to apply. Always start with clean, freshly washed underarms.

Pampered Pits Solid: Turn the dial slightly until a thin layer (about the width of a dime) appears above the applicator) Wet the bar and gently apply a thin layer or two to your underarms. If there are marks or buildup you can re-apply the smooth plastic cap to the tube and use it to gently rub in the excess product until clear. This is an excellent option for people with sensitive skin or dark marks under their arms from chemical deodorants. 


Pampered Pits Cream: Use a clean index finger and dab it into the product. You should apply a dime-sized amount to a clean moist armpit (moist from your morning shower of course!) This should be just enough to cover your fingertip. DO NOT OVERUSE. The most common error people make with cream deodorants is over-application. If your underarms feel slick or slimy after application you have applied too much. Cream deodorants are also an excellent refresher after workouts or on hot summer days.


Is there a "detox" period?

Typically there is not. For some people, like our founder, who had a high build-up of heavy metals from using prescription antiperspirant you may have a 24-48 hour detox period, but this is rare. If you used prescription antiperspirants try to begin using Pampered Pits over the weekend and you'll be ready for work by Monday. 
Signs of a detox include:

1. Thick sweat that can feel slightly slimy

2. Visibly open pores under your arms.


I left my Pampered Pits deodorant in my hot car and it melted. Can it be saved?


Pampered Pits Solid: Place your deodorant in a cool dry place overnight and allow it to reset. If you would like to speed up the process, you can place the deodorant in your refrigerator for several hours until it becomes a solid again.

Cream Deodorants: Stir gently with a clean spoon to re-incorporate ingredients.  Place jar in refrigerator for 20-30 minutes. In the intense heat of summer months, you may actually prefer the cooler sensation of leaving your deodorant in the refrigerator and using it as needed. 


My deodorant tube keeps sticking when I try to turn it.  What should I do?

It is rare for the tube to become clogged, but natural ingredients, like the ones in Pampered Pits solid react to the temperature in which they are stored. This sticking typically happens when the deodorants are left in a cold car overnight in the winter. You can place your deodorant tube in a bath of warm water to loosen the contents and store at room temperature. 


Sometimes my deodorant is a slightly different color or has dark dots in it. Is that okay? 

It is not only okay it is the mark of an excellent natural deodorant. Because we use natural starches and other ingredients, variations in the color of ingredients can sometimes occur. As with high-end silk fabrics, nature has a way of reminding us that  every plant is unique. Slight occasional variations in the look of your product let you know that the product truly is natural and not part of the "green-washing" push by some major corporations trying to fool concerned customers.