The Difference Real Soap Makes to Your Skin November 17 2013, 0 Comments

What’s So Bad About These Fake Soaps?

The problem is that glycerine is in high demand it’s used by various cosmetic and skin care Sulfatescompanies in their lotions, moisturizers and in their soap products which are not mass produced.  Large scale, mass producers of soap take away the glycerine that is naturally produced during the process of making soap and sell it to the cosmetic companies. The result is that all that remains in these bars as wonderful as they look and smell are harsh chemicals and artificial additives used to enhance lathering (Sulfates!) as well as the color and smell. Soaps that are labeled as anti bacterial and anti microbial can be the worst offenders. They utilize the toxic chemical compound triclosan which has been linked to cancer. The danger with triclosan and other chemical toxins is that they remain active in your system long after the initial use, some for as long as 12 hours and so a product you may use for a couple of seconds remains in your system for much longer and can have even longer life long consequences.

What They Do to Your Body?

The thing to remember is that your skin is the largest organ, covering your entire body. Not only is it large, but it’s large and in charge, your pores absorb everything and anything placed on it giving these toxic elements several gateways and entry points into your body’s different systems. Once in your body they stay as long as they like building up high levels of toxicity and eventually leading to illnesses and sensitivities over time.

What to Look for in Soap

Soap gift set

You should choose carefully and be very particular about what goes on your skin in much the same way you choose what to eat or put in your mouth. ALWAYS AVOID SULFATES is the number one rule. If a soap needs sulfates to lather it isn't really soap and sulfates are very harsh and drying for your skin.

There are some small cosmetic companies such as Sydelle Cosmetics that are investing in wholesome, healthy, skin care products. Look for all natural organic soaps that are chemical and toxin free to lather up with. Your soap should contain organic compounds, natural oils, fats and GLYCERINE. This combination will ensure that no harsh detergents are present in your soap, but still provide mild and thorough cleansing of your skin and still leave it moisturized healthy and glowing. Try Sydelle's Soap Box Charity Gift Set  in Pomegranates and Cream or Vanilla Fields, for yourself or as a great gift idea and experience the real difference soap makes to your skin. The company also sells a amazing face wash and body washes that are pH balanced and sulfate-free.