Essential Oils or Chemical Fragrances? It’s A No Brainer November 10 2013, 0 Comments

What exactly is in Chemical Fragrances?Someone has soiled the air!

Well, your guess is as good as mine. These are usually perfumed scents artificially created in a lab somewhere that are proprietary to each company. Fragrance composition is typically considered a trade secret and rarely revealed.

They are manufactured to create new and different aromas that may not occur in nature or to imitate scents that can be found in plants. Chemical fragrances are usually much more inexpensive because they can be mass produced and contain harsh, but effective preservatives. Preservatives extend their shelf life and mean that these products can sit on shelves and warehouses for years in much the same way they sit on your skin and remain as sludge in your pores. In some instances a small amount of essential oil may be used but alcohols and other compounds are used to stretch and dilute the properties of the oil so much that it erases the benefits of the essential oil. So beware of many green-washed products that claim to contain essential oils. Always read the labels carefully and avoid cosmetics and skin care products that list ingredients like "Parfum" or ingredients with the suffix -bens

What are Essential Oils?

Essential OilsEssential Oils can be found in nature. They are usually sourced from the barks, leaves, stems, fruits, or blossoms of plants, shrubs and trees.  The oils are usually extracted through different processes that do not use harmful chemicals or additives and try to maintain the natural properties of the source plant. This ensures that the many positive attributes of the essential oil are still potent and not compromised in any way and is safe to be used in cosmetics. Because essential oils are natural and simple in form they can be much more easily and quickly absorbed into the skin. This means that your skin will gain the maximum benefit from using these types of products as they won’t just sit on your skin leaving greasy or sticky residue and they won’t clog your body with unhealthy chemical compounds.


Added Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils often possess healing and herbal remedies that can be beneficial to our skin, our bodies and our overall health and well being. Nature provides the solution for all our skin care woes. There are oils such as Almond, Argan and Calendula oil that are have antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti inflammatory properties which make them great for skin care. If you are interested in or you are looking for all natural skin care products check out Sydelle Cosmetics beauty and skin care products including their foaming face wash and their full line of moisturizers for all your skin care needs.