Get Your Mind Right: 6 Lessons to Learn Before You Start Your Business March 08 2013, 0 Comments

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Transitioning into thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur forces you to re-evaluate a lot of the basic things you’ve been taught and tests your resolve. The first step to starting any new business is mental preparation. Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned from my experience starting up Sydelle Cosmetics.

Get Out There Before You’re Ready

We as women can sometimes be overly cautious, but don’t let caution stop you from taking action! Get started now. Don’t use the planning phase as a stall tactic to prevent yourself from creating samples, or promoting your services. Entrepreneurs sometimes become mired in research and lose confidence along the way. Don’t do that.

Get out there with something so that people can give you feedback early on. Having real feedback from real people who aren’t your friends and don’t care about your oh-so-sensitive feelings is a great tool that you can incorporate into the business planning process and it is usually free or very inexpensive.

No, I am not encouraging you to recklessly avoid doing your due diligence. I am asking you to expand your definition of research into the realm of reality ASAP. Learning about customer behavior as soon as you possibly can will tell you fairly quickly whether your great idea is a dud or a stud.

Customer Feedback and ‘The Rule of Three’

If you hear a particular comment, question or concern at least three times then it is worth addressing. You can add a note to your label or even change the product, but you can’t dismiss anything after three different people have brought it to your attention.

A customer recommended that we make a solid version of our Pampered Pits natural deodorant. Her one, off-hand comment gave me the idea to produce a great, new product that will hit shelves in March 2013 and helped me keep a customer. Every customer makes a small investment in your business. Don’t ignore the opportunity to turn them into partners.

Do Math Often

If you can’t do math, but your accountant can; then your accountant will be rich and you won’t! Remember all those episodes of The Cosby Show where Dr. Huxtable gave Theo and Cockroach the facts of life with monopoly money in hand? All of those lessons are just as true today as they were during the heyday of the Coogi sweater.



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