Know When to Throw Away Your Cosmetics January 09 2013, 0 Comments

The primary rule for make-up and skin care products is, "If you see something or smell something; toss it out." How long your personal care products last depends on several factors. Here are some tips on avoiding common errors that cause cosmetics to deteriorate.

1. Are you storing your products in a cool, dry place? Bacteria love warmth and moisture and you don't want them to make a cozy vacation home in your products. Don't leave bottles of lotion and other products in your car and consider storing products in a room other than the bathroom, so they aren't a casualty of your next steamy shower. 
2. Apply products with clean hands to clean skin. Don't stick your dirty fingers into a jar of your favorite overnight cream after a long day of work and play. Most women remember to wash their faces and shower regularly, but remembering to wash your hands is the golden rule of cleanliness.
3. Stop using products if you have an infection. Did you have an eye infection last month and continue to use the same mascara before, during and after the outbreak? No, no ladies. This is what medical professionals refer to as a bad idea. Don't do it. I know that mascara was probably pretty pricey, but so are doctors' bills. Use your head to save your health. 
Sydelle Cosmetics uses natural preservatives, but it is still important to properly care for your products using the tips above and other strategies to keep your products bacteria-free. Follow these guidelines for our current line of natural skin products:
Pampered Pits: 6-10 months
Shea on You!: up to 2 years
Typical life spans for other products (under ideal care):
Face Powder: 9 months - 1 year
Eye Makeup: 3 - 5 months 
Lipstick and Nail Polish: up to 2 years