Sweating Is A Virtue November 26 2012, 0 Comments


Antiperspirant blocks your body's naturalHalle Berry Sweating cleansing process. Your body was made to sweat as a way to cool you off and get toxins out of your system. That's right, GET TOXINS OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM. Many antiperspirants (not to be confused with deodorant, which simply neutralizes odor) block this healthy process using aluminum-- yes, the metal. Although scientists continue to debate the health impacts of aluminum, the health benefits of sweating on our bodies and mating habits, ahem!, are well documented.

Traditional chemical deodorants don't stop sweating, but neutralize the impact of odor causing bacteria. These products often include unnecessary chemicals that react with our bodies and the dyes in our clothing over time.


Pampered Pits is a natural deodorant. It uses natural moisturizers to keep armpits looking good as well as ingredients like baking soda that neutralize odor. This allows your body to sweat, while making sure you still have friends who are willing to sit near you at lunch. All of our ingredients are vegan and easy to pronounce!