What To Do About Breakouts Around Your Hairline July 13 2014, 0 Comments

Breakouts along the hairline are very common and are usually very hard to clear up. This is because many hair products that do wonders for you hair can also clog your pores. Here are some things you can do to prevent this from happening.

  • Use gentle products. Products that are gentle on your hair will also be more gentle on your skin.

  • Rinse well. This seem like a given but not rinsing well enough leads to the residue the can clog pores.

  • Pay close attention to your hairline. Be sure to get rid of residue anywhere hair touches your skin.

  • Limit hair product usage. Use only what you need as often as you need, Over use will lead to buildup on the scalp and the surrounding skin.

  • Avoid your face. Make sure you hair products stay on your hair, not your face. If you get to on you face wash it off immediately.

Keeping all of these things in mind should lessen breakouts in your hairline and where the hair meets the skin. If you still have a problem you can deal with in very simply.

  • Cleanse your skin regularly with a gentle liquid cleanser. Try not to uses bar soap because it can clog pores as well.

  • Exfoliate! Exfoliation will help clean out already clogged pores and remove dead skin.

  • Fine and use a benzoyl peroxide solution. This can help disinfect, reduce, and prevent breakouts and the redness that can accompany them

Following all of these tips can easily help you with these types of breakouts. The best thing you can do is find reliable products and get into a routine. All of this will lead you to cleaner, clearer, healthier skin.