Men's Skin Needs Love Too! August 17 2014, 0 Comments

For most women, healthy skin means a youthful, smooth, blemish-free complexion. More and more men are now starting to turn an eye to their own skin care and are ready to start making an investment in having clear, healthy skin. SO here is a quick and easy primer for the fellas on how to choose skin care products that work. 

Skin Type

Skin type is important for men and women when it comes to skin care. Your skin type will dictate the type of products that you should and shouldn’t use on your face.

  • Oily skin will consistently have a shine to it no matter your activity level. People with this skin type often suffer from acne including blackheads and general irritation. If you have oily skin, your skin may feel greasy and pores may become clogged and enlarged fairly often.

  • Dry skin will often have a rough or uneven look to it. It will seem tight and even flake in some places. Oftentimes yif you have dry skin, your skin will seem red and chapped. People with this skin type rarely suffer from acne, but do have general problems keeping their face moisturized and the peeling can be painful in dry weather.

  • Combination skin is the most common skin type. This type of skin will have both oily and dry patches. Generally oily spots will be around the center of the face, the area around the eyes tends to be dry and the cheeks are fairly normal to dry.

Any of these skin types can be sensitive. The safest thing to do is to steer clear of harsh products no matter the skin typpe and use gentle fragrance-free products. For the most part, this may mean straying away from typical men’s products and using gentler products which are often heavy on fragrance and other hormone disrupting chemicals. These types of ingredients are designed to attract men to spend money, not to improve their skin in any way. 


Skin Routine for Men

Even men should have a skin routine to keep them looking their manly best. Use a gentile liquid cleanser daily and an exfoliant weekly. If you are a man with sensitive skin, however, you may not want to use a scrub, scrubs can irritate and spark inflammation. If you shave regularly, that is plenty of exfoliation.

Avoid bar soaps for your face! They often clog pores very badly and cause breakouts. 

Steer clear of alcohol, methanol, peppermint, and artificial fragrances (typically listed as parfum). All of these are irritants and should not be applied to the face ever and should only be applied to other parts of your body sparingly.

Well, I hope this was a helpful starter guide to the fellas out there and I expect to see some more beautiful faces as I walk down the street!