Acne and Dry Skin: Here's How to Cope July 05 2014, 0 Comments

Most people who suffer from acne also tend to have oily skin, but people with dry skin can also develop wily acne bumps and when they do...Yikes! Acne alongside dry skin can be an extremely difficult skin condition to manage because many acne treatments can be quite drying. 

Whether you have dry or oily skin, if your acne is persistent after puberty or pregnancy you should turn a suspicious eye to your skin care products, especially if you are managing the unholy of dryness and pimples. If you suffer from dry skin you should steer clear of the following:

  • drying soaps (especially those with sulfates)
  • harsh scrubs (including those with microbeads)
  • non-fatty alcohols ( the ones derived from plants are typically healthy emollients)
  • menthol (that tingly feeling is bad news)
Skin cycle

All of these are very irritating products and ingredients If the skin is not properly moisturized. If you do have chronically dry skin, you should use a lightweight moisturizer regularly. 

Many acne treatments also contain drying ingredients which can solve your acne problem but leave you flaking, peeling and irritated. It is important to avoid overusing acne products. If you do begin using topical acne treatments in your routine it is important to be patient. Your regimen will not show signs immediately so it is important to stick to it if you think it will help rather than overdoing it and making already troubled skin worse.