False Eyelashes: Make Sure You're Doing It Right! June 15 2014, 0 Comments

Recently I've become obsessed with "falsies" as I like to call them. Even though I am a huge proponent of natural beauty in all ways, sometimes girls just wanna have fun and changing up your look is one of the best parts about being a lady. false eyelashes are a fun and simple way of adding a little drama to your look without much effort. 

Now, anytime I want to apply something in or around my eyes hygiene and safety become my top concerns -- whether they are contact lenses, eye cream, or my spanking new falsies, I like to keep it clean. 


Here's what you'll need:

1. Eyelashes

2.  Eyelash glue in the appropriate color

3. An eyelash curler

4. Optional: I like to use a spray bottle with a mist setting to spray the lashes with alcohol


Choosing Your Lashes!

The first step before applying false eyelashes is buying the lashes that are right for you. There are many types and styles of false eye lashes. There is no right or wrong style or brand, but I like to think about lashes in terms of drama levels.

Drama Level 1


  • Add a little volume and maybe some length, but not much.
  • This is a subdued day-time look that basically takes the place of mascara

    Drama Level 2 

    • Add a noticeable amount of volume and length.
    • Darker is Better. Depending on the color of your hair it may be a good idea to select lashes that are slightly darker than  
    • This is my go-to night-time look when I'm not just being straight up lazy. 

     Drama Level 3

    • These lashes can sometimes include added embellishments like crystals or peacock feathers
    • Sometimes, I think these lashes are fun and funky, but a lot of times the added embellishments are just a way of distracting from the poor quality of the lashes themselves
    • These lashes can also be quite heavy depending on the added embellishment
    • I typically steer clear of these types of eyelashes because I don't live in a nightclub and pretty much 90% of the time they are tacky unless you really know what you are doing or are going to a specific event that invites some over the top looks. This is not what you wear while you are sitting and waiting for the metro at 9 AM.


      All that being said, wear what you like. There are many options and they are all viable depending on what you want to achieve. Whether you are looking for cheap and simple or expensive and elegant it is easy to find the lashes for you.

      The first thing to consider is the band width and length of the lash strip to which the lashes are connected. The thinner the strip, the lighter and less noticeable your false lashes will be.

      You will also need glue. Some lashes come with their own glue, but many are sold separately. I find that the glue that comes with most disposable eyelash kits is adequate, but not exactly top notch. I also prefer to use black glue because my hair and lashes are dark. Some women prefer to use hair glue, but i Think that glue is a bit heavy and comes in a difficult to wield applicator.  Many women like using hair glue though because it is black and tends to last longer. The choice is up to you.

      Once you have made your choices and collected the tools mentioned above you're ready to get started by following these simple steps:

      2. Carefully remove your lashes from their packaging. False lashes are very delicate so do this gently, especially if you plan to reuse your lashes.
      3. I like to spray the lashes (even new ones) with a light misting of alcohol and wave them around to air dry.
      4. Before applying makeup check the size of your lashes. Place them on your eyelid in the same way that you intend to apply them.It will help you figure out the proper placement and whether or not you'll need to clip the length of the band before you glue them on.If the band is too long, you may need to trim it.
      5. Once you have all of that figured out, apply your makeup but not eyeliner or mascara.
      6. Flex the band. Wiggle and bend the band to ensure that it lays appropriately on your eyelid.
      7. Once you have assured that your lashes are a good fit you can apply the glue. Apply a thin layer to the underside of the lash strip.I like to begin at the end with a single drop and use the tip of the nozzle to spread the glue down the length of the band.
      8. Apply the lash strip as close to your natural lash line as possible without applying it over your lashes themselves.
      9. WAIT!
      10. After the glue has dried,you can apply your eyeliner and mascara. This will help you blend your falsies to your natural lashes.
      11. Voila!
      When you are ready to remove your lashes, gently pull them off from the center. Gently pull the glue off of the lash strip. Use makeup remover to remove any leftover glue. And if you plan to reuse your lashes place them back in the original container to keep them safe and clean. You can use your lashes 2-5 times before its time to toss them.