Are You Wearing Too Much Makeup? May 01 2014, 0 Comments

Researchers Alex Jones at Bangor University and Robin Kramer at Aberdeen University in the U.K. photographed 44 white females in their early 20's for a study on whether women are overdoing it on makeup and the results probably won't surprise you. 

They took a photo of the bare faced participants and then gave the women “a range of best-selling foundations, lipsticks, mascaras and blushers,” and told them to do their makeup for a night out on the town. They took and after poto for comparison purposes and showed the photos to both men and women. 

The female participants thought the models looked better with slightly more makeup than the male participants did. However, all of the participants thought male observers would want the models to be wearing more makeup than female observers would.

They were wrong—men and women preferred the same amount of make up on average and hat amount was aboyut 60% of the makeup the models had actually applied.

Read more about the study here and see some cool photos of the models. 

Which face do you prefer?