Do Skin Care Supplements Really Do Anything? May 18 2014, 0 Comments

Are Supplements and Skin Care a Good Combination for You?

vitaminsEveryone knows that the health of your skin starts with the health of your body and that eating right leads to better, clearer, healthier skin. Unfortunately, not all of us eat food that provides the nutrients necessary for healthy skin. Some women have turned to vitamins and other supplements to help with skin health. There are supplements that claim to fight aging, prevent wrinkles, correct sun damage, and even clear up breakouts but is this skin care fact or fiction? 


Acne Supplements

What They Are: Vitamin B3/ Zinc/ Vitamin A

Acne and the damage it leaves behind are both unsightly and unwanted parts of life. There are now supplements that claim to fight acne from the inside out. These supplement usually contain a combination of Vitamin B3, Zinc and/or Vitamin A. Vitamin B3 can regularly be found in foods such as eggs, green vegetables, meat, fish, and milk which most people consume daily. Very few people are deficient in this vitamin because its found in so many foods (even unhealthy ones).This makes it very unlikely that B3 alone would do much to improve the skin of a person struggling with acne. Additionally, Vitamin B3 is more effective as a topical treatment.

Zinc is another ingredient common in anti-acne formulations. Although Zinc is quite useful both topically and in the form of a supplement to fight acne; too much Zinc can be toxic when ingested and the human does not need very much Zinc at all in order to stay healthy.

Finally, Vitamin A is considered to be one of the best acne treatments when applied externally, but there is little to no evidence that the supplements do much to prevent acne when ingested.


Anti-Aging Supplements

What They Are: Vitamin C/ Vitamin E

Most anti-aging supplements contain Vitamins C and E. Both of these vitamins are antioxidants that reduce signs of aging when they are applied topically but long term use of supplements of this type can be detrimental. It is better, in this case, to get these vitamins from whole foods like fruits and vegetables. There are also other supplements such as Heliocare, DMAE, and Coenzyme Q10, unfortunately, they have not been proven to work and at all and at times, can be quite dangerous.


Here sweetie, have a salad.

Simply put, instead of taking supplements -- EAT RIGHT.  Whole foods will provide your body with all the nutrients it needs and studies actually show that your body absorbs nutrients from food more readily than it does the same amount of the same nutrient in supplement form. In cases of deficiency you may need to take a vitamin, however, very few people are deficient in the vitamins that promote skin health because they are so common and the possibility of overdoing it will be greatly lessened.