Does BB Cream Work for Dark Skin? April 27 2014, 0 Comments

face creamBB creams started out as an Asian trend to correct blemishes and give the appearance of lighter skin. They are now fairly popular in the United States (especially on beauty blogs) and are marketed as correctional moisturizers for nearly any skin type and complexion. Many also claim to control and heal breakouts, but these claims fall short in reality.

These creams are popular because of their ability to cover discoloration leftover from blemishes and breakouts, but aren’t the best moisturizers. Women with darker skin tones may also find it quite difficult to get a matching tone.


What is a BB Cream?

American BB creams are tinted moisturizers with sunscreen and the BB is typically thought to stand for "Blemish Balm" or "Beauty Balm". CC creams are a variation of BB creams made for “color correction”. They are basically the same product but may or may not contain sunscreen. Both creams typically ask that you use a pea-sized amount for subtle coverage and complexion matching, but in order to protect oneself from the sun or get the tone-correcting benefits from some of the ingredients, you'd need to use much more than the recommended amount. The problem is that the colors used to tint these creams are very opaque and using too much leaves an ashy, unappealing color especially for women with darker complexions.

For most people, regardless of skin tone, you really are better off using a separate moisturizer with sunscreen and then your favorite mineral-based foundation. This combination will also show up better if you plan on taking pictures, as BB and CC creams tend to look “too light” in pictures no matter your skin tone due to some of the bases used to create opaque colors as well as reflective sunscreens.

Long story short, put skin care before make up. Skin care is a process and although concealer may be a handy tool on occasion, your moisturizer should really provide more hydration, sun protection and anti-aging ingredients than blemish coverage.