Five Key Facts About Using Pampered Pits Natural Deodorant February 09 2014, 2 Comments

No one wants to smell foul which is why deodorants are so popular all across the world. There is a lot of information, however, that has come to light regarding chemicals in traditional deodorants which become less effective over time and have been linked to several serious illnesses including cancer. Fortunately, there are natural alternatives available such as Sydelle Cosmetics' Pampered Pits natural deodorant. Pampered Pits is a bit different from chemical deodorant, so here are a few key facts to remember.

  1. You only need a little. A dime-sized amount goes a long way; so just cover your fingertip with the cream deodorant or two swipes of the solid deodorant. The solid deodorant should never be more than a sliver passed the edge of the tube. 
  2. The deodorant should be used damp. In the case of the cream deodorant you should apply it to clean, damp underarms.  To use the solid deodorant you can actually just wet the bar just like you would with a bar of soap. The deodorant will go on a creamy white color and dry clear. Voila! You are protected for 24 hours!
  3. This deodorant can be applied even if you’ve already started sweating.  Most commercial, chemical deodorants won’t protect you once you've already started sweating. You have to take a bath and start all over again. This is an especially important tip for the winter months when your baths and showers should become shorter in order to prevent drying your skin. You can simply apply the deodorant to your armpits after work or post-Zumba, on your way to the smoothie bar or after a light bike ride to work. Don’t’ get me wrong, I still recommend taking daily showers. There is no replacement for practicing good hygiene!
  4. What are the brownish bits stuck to your deodorant? They are more than likely dead skin cells or other debris that can get scrapped off and trapped in between the solid deodorant tube and your deodorant bar. It is easy to get rid of by just wiping the bar after each use. 
  5. You can use it all over. Because Pampered Pits is natural and ph-balanced, you can use it all over your body. We've heard stories from all sorts of very sweaty clients who use our deodorant on sweaty bits other than underarms  (use your imagination and a bit of common sense to figure out which body parts make sense for you.)