How To Get Rid Of Blackheads March 09 2014, 0 Comments

Blackheads are most prevalent just after puberty. During this time, there can be an overproduction of sebum draining through the pores. When sebum is blocked during the drainage it mixes with bacteria and a blackhead forms inside of open pores. Black head removal

Hygiene is usually not the cause of blackheads. Even skin that is cleaned regularly can be subject to breakouts especially during menstruation and other times of high hormone fluctuation. It is a good idea to use gentle cleansers and not over do it with scrubbing.

Some ways to fight the development and spread of black heads are:

  • Exfoliation. Exfoliating scrubs can be useful to scrub areas that are prone to blackheads. The scrubbing will remove dirt and grime that is buried in your pores clearing them out  if they are clogged. Sugar scrubs and warm water are a good combination for this.

  • Use a cleanser or face wash like Sydelle’s Vibrant Visage Natural Foaming Facewash which is rich in vitamin A. This will help skin to glow and prevent oil buildup that causes blackheads.

  • Don’t pick at it. Using your fingers to remove blackheads will add dirt and bacteria to your pores possibly worsening your breakouts. Avoid picking your skin at all costs. Do not use tools either. They also contain bacteria and can leave scars.

  • Don’t touch your skin. Even if you are not picking, avoid touching your face whenever possible. Your hands are usually dirty no matter what a clean person you are. 

  • Wash your pillow cases regularly. Your pillow touches your face every night and retains oils from your face. Washing your face and your pillowcase will help you avoid oil and dirt through overnight.

  • You should also talk to your doctor or dermatologist if possible. There are some pills and even creams that can help lessen the production of blackheads that are hard to stop.