Is Your Makeup Irritating Your Acne? March 02 2014, 1 Comment

Many women who suffer from acne use makeup to cover it up, but this may be aggravating the already delicate balance of blemish-prone skin. Acne is caused by two things; hormones and bacteria. During times of hormonal fluctuation such as puberty and menstruation, hormone-produced oils tend to clog the pores. It a pore is closed a pimple will form, but if the pore is open it becomes a blackhead. In some ways, makeup could possibly aggravate existing acne, but by no means does it cause it.

Some things that you can do to ensure that your makeup is not irritating your acne are:

  1. Don’t sleep in your makeup. Use a cleanser or face wash like Sydelle’s Vibrant Visage Natural Foaming Facewash which is rich in vitamin A when you wash off your makeup every night BEFORE you go to bed. Be sure to get rid of all of the makeup you applied to assure that it does not seep into the pores. This will help skin to grow and prevent oil buildup on your face without worry of overnight breakouts.
  2. Clean your makeup brushes often. Because of their frequent use, makeup applicators tend to hold a large amount of dirt and bacteria and reusing them can aggravate acne. Try washing them with a mild soap a few times a week or buy new ones whenever you can. Cleaning brushes is a great way to use the last little bit of face wash at the bottom of the bottle too.Since your face wash is already safe enough for your face it will be safe enough to use on brushes as well. I like to add three pumps of face wash to a 4 oz. glass of hot water and swirl my brushes in the mixture before rinsing them in cool water.  I always recommend using a lightweight, peroxide-free face wash for brush cleaning as other heavier face washes can leave residue or even break down brush fibers over time. Remember to lay the brushes flat to air dry overnight.
  3. Steer clear of liquid foundation. Liquid foundation usually has an oil base whereas powder foundations actually tend to absorb oils. Try not to go overboard with your makeup and also try switching brands if you are experiencing serious irritation.
  4. Try avoiding makeup once in a while to give your skin a break. Allowing some time for you skin to air out and be natural for a while can give it time to heal and repair itself without irritants.

If you are having serious, seemingly unavoidable acne problems, try talking to a doctor or dermatologist. You may need to directly address your hormone production or simply your daily skin care routine. Either way talking it out with a professional may be just the thing. A doctor or dermatologist may be able to prescribe or recommend pills or creams that can help you and your skin.