Back to Basics: How to Wash Your Face December 14 2013, 0 Comments

Many people suffer from various problems with our skin. We search far and wide for solutions and will latch on to any new fad. But the solution to your skin care concerns may be literally right in front of your face. That’s right, it probably has to do with the way you wash and care for the delicate skin on your face.

As a general rule washing your face twice a day is a good idea -- once in the morning and then again at night. A little bit of the right kind of alcohol-free cleanser goes a long way. Most people regardless of skin type should consider hydrating, sulfate-free and alcohol-free cleansers which are lightweight and excellent for all skin types. 


Circular, Upward Motion

Spread your face wash on damp skin in a circular motion being careful to massage skin in an upward motion and never down. This helps teach facial muscles to remain tight and high even as you age. 


Luke Warm

The water shouldn't be too hot or too cold. After lathering and rinsing with warm water your pores are usually open, in order to close them, use cool water for a final rinse. No scrubbing is necessary. Gently pat your face dry with a clean soft towel and there you have it. Your face is clean and ready for the next step.


Be Gentle

No harsh detergents and no harsh cloths. Scrubbing your car isn’t necessary and it’s not necessary to scrub your face either, so please use smooth washcloths as needed and not the same cloth that you used to wash your body either. Although you use these cloths to clean your body much of the debris and dead skin from your body could easily become trapped in your washcloth and then spread to your face. 


pH Matters

You should pay attention to the pH level in the cleansers you use. Healthy skin should have a pH of about 5.5 and any skin care product you use should have a pH between 5 and 6 unless it is intended as a peel or other quick treatment. 


No Harsh Detergents

Stay away from harsh deodorant soaps and cleansers with harsh chemicals and additives. Choose all-natural cleansers that won’t irritate or damage sensitive skin like the Sydelle Cosmetics Vibrant Visage Foaming Wash.